This is a live album that was recorded solely using MainStage3 music performance software. Each track was recorded in one continuous take with no edits or remixes. All effects are stock MainStage effects and all backing tracks were controlled in real time by myself using a hand midi controller. Backing tracks were composed and pre-recorded in Logic Pro X. This collection of tracks represents exactly what i sound like in a live setting. I hope you enjoy these recordings and please feel free to contribute as all proceeds go back into my music projects.

About 6 weeks ago i downloaded and started using a software package called Main Stage 3. 
MainStage is music performance software that enables an artist to use a lap top as their sole means of sound control in a live setting. The software makes all preamp and effects pedals basically redundant as all the EQ control and effects come from Main Stage’s vast effects sound library that is a direct descendant of Logics “Logic Pro X” music editing software. 

Since i first set up this amazing software package my pedal board has remained firmly shut and as you can gauge i am completely hooked on this amazing piece of kit. As a soundscape style artist it enables me to do away with bulky and heavy pedal board equipment and replace it with a slim line laptop that weighs practically nothing. In conjunction with a hand (or foot if you preferred) operated midi controller i can adjust and control all my effects and backing tracks in real time as i play which is very liberating and convenient. 

Once you get over the crisis of “what happens if my computer crashes” and just use it you realise this way of performing is the future and inevitable step in the evolution and technology advancements. OK some styles of music will always sound better with an all analogue signal chain but for acoustic instrumental music this software and set up seems to be a natural progression in our evolution of performing artists. Once you try it you will not go back trust me.

This album was recorded within the software itself direct, with no edits, or remixes and all the tracks were recorded in a studio ‘live' in one continuous take while i controlled all the backing tracks fades and levels etc.

This album basically represents me in such an exact way that i can honestly say this is how i sound when i play a live concert, what you hear here is what you get live.

The album is free to download however if you wish to contribute an amount you feel worthy of these recording please do as all proceeds go towards future music projects.

Thanks for all your support :-)

"​Live From MainStage" Released  14th October, 2017

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