My first custom built koa Weissenborn. This style 4 was made by Ermanno Pasqualato of Herrmann Guitars in Italy.

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Anderwood  Guitars

A long time ambition was to own a Bear Creek Guitars Weissenborn and i'm very pleased to say In 2016 I finally become the very proud owner of a stunning 5A grade fiddle back koa style four Weissenborn.

Abridged Biography;

   Aron Radford is a self taught Weissenborn recording soundscape instrumentalist form the UK who has established himself as one of the shining lights within the small international Weissenborn playing community in just 5 years. With his trademark ambient, immersive, contemplative playing style his instrumental compositions have gained many plaudits and he has cemented a small but firm fan base of international followers.

   Aron's first recording was back in 2013 was the EP "Elemental Weissenborn" which was a mediative project collaborating raw nature sounds with zen like improvisational playing. The follow up release "My Weissenborn Journey" was released in 2014 and contained 9 original tracks of effects laden ambient/melodic instrumental demos.

   In 2016 Aron released the Weissenborn instrumental CD "Soundscapes & Sonatas". The album is half effects laden soundscapes and the other half more formal structured instrumental sonatas. This CD has been sold in over 13 different countries and has gained much acclaim with the Weissenborn community.

   Aron is also happens to be the creator and administrator of the Weissenborn dedicated website Packed full of specialist features, information sharing data bases and Interviews with the worlds top weissenborn players and luthiers it's the proverbial 'one stop' shop for any Weissenborn enthusiast.

This is my busking weissenborn an Anderwood Koa Solid Top Style 4 with Seymour Duncan Mag Mic SA-6 pickup, very well suited to playing outdoors through my Roland Street EX amp.

My own brain child and a total labour of love. A website dedicated 100% to everything Weissenborn related.

Made by Iseman Guitars in Hawaii this beautiful style one Weissenborn was custom made for me and has a very warm natural tone.