East Anglia Based Landscape & Coastal Photography

Bio & Artist Statement

Hello and welcome,

Two major events have happened to me in my lifetime. The first was being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (a form of High Functioning Autism), and the second was being brought my very first DSLR. Both events have had massive impacts on my life. Discovering there’s a reason why you always felt at odds with the world and why you never really fitted into any social norm was a truly profound revelation but then discovering a hobby that was perfectly suited to my Autistic needs was equally life-changing.

Photography has ever since been my special interest that has afforded me a safe place to escape the stresses of living in a scary overwhelming world I find myself at constant odds with. Photography offers me many distractions to focus my obsessive mind. There’s the nerdy tech side of photography, the researching, and planning of locations, the fieldcraft of capturing the perfect exposure, finding the ideal composition, and possibly my favourite element of all, the "ART " of post-processing. 

I am still unsure why I am particularly drawn to landscapes and seascapes but it’s probably because my late father used these two elements extensively within his watercolor paintings when I was a child.  It has been said that my photos have a "painterly" feel to them which I also guess is also due to my late father's influences and my own strong love of art when I was younger. I am country raised and love getting out to beautiful serene locations in East Anglia when no one else is around trying to capture their special rural idyllic country charm. Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk aren't the obvious counties most people associate with beautiful landscapes and vistas but I am keen to change this misconception and show the intrinsic beauty East Anglia holds.

It's only right of me to point out that I am not an old school "documentary" style landscape photographer. I suppose I am more of a modern-day “digital artist” who embraces advances in post-processing. I strive to create impactful images through thoughtful artistic post-processing choices that reflect me and my unique Autistic outlook on the world I see. I love colour, vibrancy, and luminosity and use these main elements to enhance my images to express mood and feeling in an artistic engaging way striving where ever possible to make the ordinary.....extraordinary! I want to be artistic and not just a documenter, I want to add a little something of myself into the final image as photography and art are invaluable mediums for expressing myself and connecting with people in a way that simply documenting locations can not.

For me, it's all about the initial emotional reaction to the final image and not the integrity of the processing or the back story behind it. If I feel an image would benefit from some digital manipulation of any kind then I have no qualms about doing it. My artistic creativity is not bound by other people's opinions or views on such practices. However when and wherever I have used any composite elements in the processing of an image I have marked it with a [C] to indicate this for the purposes of full transparency.

My website holds many familiar and not so familiar images from Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, as well as my bonus gallery from around the rest of the UK. Please stay a little while and browse my galleries and if any images should be of special interest to you I offer all my images as prints and as licensing agreements, please contact me through the contact page with any inquiries you may have. I am also available for 1-2-1 Lightroom tutorials, and 1-2-1 workshops as well as commission-based work.

It just leaves me to say thank you for stopping by and please come back soon as I'm always adding new images.

All the best Aron.