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"A successful shoot doesn't happen purely by chance​ alone, it happens by careful research​ and planning (and some luck​ from the weather Gods of course). There are many factors to be considered​ and researched that can directly​ affect​ the outcome of your photoshoot. In this eBook, I cover all the main aspects of my personal research and planning workflow​ to give you a rounded oversight of considerations when ​planning  y​our next landscape photography shoot. I have broken this workflow down into​ key​ elements and expanded​ on their applications as well as giving you practical examples of the digital media ​tools​ to complete them".​

Keep an eye out for more FREE educational eBooks coming soon in the near future. 

EXPLORING COMPOSITION IN LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY” is a new 30-page ebook written by myself which is currently available for FREE on the link above.

"Composition in landscape photography for me personally is the most important element of control you have at your disposal. Light will come and go and is at the mercy of the weather gods but composition is always 100% within the realms of the photographer's influence. Contained within the ebook is a collection of compositional advice, tips, examples, and considerations all relating to composition. There will be some topics you might already be aware of and incorporate into your landscape photography but I hope there will be a few you hadn’t considered before which might go a small way to improving your images". 

Keep an eye out for more FREE educational eBooks coming soon in the near future.