January/February 2019

The weather apps said the morning would be quote "excellent chances for an outstanding photo" well that never happened. The more I watch these apps the more I feel the data isn't updated quick enough to base decisions on for the next mornings location decisions. Anyway the sun never even came out so all those photos of the boats in the quay I had visualised will have to wait for another day. Got one OK shot from the banks of the River Stour.

1st January 2019 - North Fambridge

6th January 2019 - Lower Holbrook

13th January 2019 - Brightlingsea (Batemans Tower)

Took a trip down to Brightlingsea in Essex to shoot "Batemans Tower" for sunrise. The sunrise wasn't the best but wasn't the worst either and I did manage to get a few good comps from my visit so better than last week :-)

My first shot of 2019 was an 8 minute long exposure. Really want to do more LE in 2019 and will try and do at least one every shoot this year as I did hardly any in 2018. First day of 2019 and went off to North Fambridge in Essex. There's a really nice boat house up the creek all on its own and in the right condition makes a lovely focal point. Todays images were a solid OK, no show stoppers today but that's OK with me