Customer review from Matthew Chapman;

"Great tutorial- what a difference a few hours and a logical workflow can make."

Aron helped me take my editing to a new level. His knowledge, patience, and attention to detail make his Lightroom for Landscapes tutorial a must for photographers that want to improve their editing.

I had very little knowledge of using Lightroom and In just a few hours Aron had given me an understanding of the basic functions of Lightroom and also demonstrated some of the potential results that can be achieved. He guided me through his workflow in a logical and understandable way and at a pace that was manageable. 

I was worried about remembering everything and only being able to transform my images with Aron by my side but the accompanying e-book makes for easy reading and is a comprehensive and handy tool to refer back to. My images now look more natural and I’m looking forward to revisiting some past edits to see what improvements I can make. Thanks Aron! 

"Lightroom For Landscapes" 1-2-1 Home Tutorials

Lightroom For Landscapes - “A guide to post-processing landscape imagery in Lightroom by Aron Radford Photography”.

I-2-1 tutorials in Lightroom post-processing from the luxury and comfort of your own home. 

Are you struggling with post-processing and either want to start using Lightroom or want to progress your Lightroom processing techniques to get the most out of Lightroom and your landscape images? 

Pressing the shutter release button on location is only a job half done. You have spent countless hours and money on gear capturing that perfect image. You might have even paid for a workshop to hone your camera technique and workflow, but what happens when you get home? Editing is THE most import part of today’s modern DSLR photography in my opinion. It can make or break an image and no matter how good your camera technique is if your processing skills aren’t equally as good you will be continually producing under par results.

Well, why not book a 1-2-1 Lightroom tutorial with me and feel relaxed in the comfort of your own home where I will show you everything Lightroom has to offer and how to apply it to your landscape images, quickly and effectively to create stunning results every time?

I have been very fortunate over the last few years to have had many great compliments about my East Anglian landscape photography and in particular my post-processing style.  I have also had more than my fair share of questions about processing tips and enquiries about possible tutorials which up to now I haven’t been able to offer. However, I am now pleased to announce that Aron Radford Photography is now offering 1-2-1 Lightroom tutorials

Post-processing is, in my opinion, the most important and most creative part of landscape photography. It can turn an average flat image into an outstanding impactful image with just a few simple to learn techniques. It’s where you can be a little creative and artistic and make your work shine and stand out from the crowd. Your post-processing will never be the same again when you have had an experienced landscape photographer and editor show you a tried and tested workflow that gets results every time.

As well as a 6 hour 1-2-1 tutorial you will receive a free comprehensive 54 page eBook explaining all the techniques and recommended settings discussed in your 1-2-1 tutorial in detail so you can refer back to them at leisure and recap all the information taught in the lesson and apply it to future edits.

Are you often disappointed in your final images? Do you see other peoples finished images on Instagram and Flickr and think I wish I could create images that looked like that? Well, you can! It’s easy and so less complex than you think when explained on a 1-2-1 basis from an experienced Lightroom user specializing in landscape photography. Lightroom is an extremely intuitive and powerful processing tool that when shown some simple basic techniques and workflow routines will give your photos that professional feel quickly and effortlessly.

Having studied Lightroom at length I have unlocked some great tips and techniques that will elevate your landscape images immediately. Tried and tested this tuition is specifically aimed at landscape photography so everything you learn will be 100% useful and relevant. You will get taught a simple easy to follow workflow that works every time as well as lots of practical advice on how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes often made in processing by beginners as well as many more general good practice landscape photography tips. 

Course Topics;
1; File management
2; Importing
3; Rating system
4; Cropping
5; Levelling
6; Lens Correction
7; Global Changes & Clipping
8; White Balance & Temp + Tint
9; Histogram
10; Tonal adjustments
11; Vibrancy & saturation
12; Clarity & Contrast
13; Graduated filters
14; Radial filters
15; HSL sliders
16; Dodging & burning with brush tool
17; Sharpening
18; Noise reduction
19; Dust spot removal
20; Artefact removal
21; Vignettes
22; Fine tuning
23; Exporting

Bonus Chapters;
24; Transform upright tool
25; HDR & Bracketing
26; Screen calibration
Workflow summary


Standard 6-hour "Lightroom For Landscapes" course £120

Free 54-page digital PDF eBook. 

Provision and access to a working computer with the preinstalled latest version of Lightroom Classic CC software essential.

To book your “Lightroom For Landscapes” tutorial please contact me through the email available on the contacts page.

If you wish to make a booking or any general enquiry please contact me through the “CONTACTS” page.

Please read a couple of customers testimonials who participated in my "Lightroom For Landscapes" tutorial, here's what they had to say....

East Anglia Based Landscape & Coastal Photography

Customer review from Robert Johnston;

"Honestly the things I learned have dramatically improved my back catalog".

Before Aron’s one to one I was so unsure and scared of using lightroom, I avoided it like the plague. Whilst I understood the sliders from my knowledge of photoshop I didn’t know how to even import a collection. 

Aron slowly took me through the basic steps before getting to the more interesting and by far impressive features. Learning how to use specific sharpening, controlling your histograms, graduated filters, luminous masks, and radial masks. 

But the course goes into more of that with conversions on how to improve your images whilst and what to look out for to improve. 

Honestly, the things I learned have dramatically improved my back catalog. I can’t wait to process more of them.   I will forever slow down on my processing. It pays off to take your time and review your images as it’s worth it in end.