​"Fauxfino" - Demo

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​"Unspoken Words" - Demo

​"Visionborn" YouTube Concept Series

​"So Far Away" - Demo

​"Kardamili Nights" - Demo

​"Sometimes Is Enough" - Demo

VISIONBORN is a project I am working on combining short videos and original effects laden weissenborn soundscapes. A totally self indugant process that captures moods and moments in time. Everything is recorded in one take normally at a moments notice when the mood takes me and edited quickly to capture the essence of the piece. These instrumentals might possibly be the basis of a full blown concept album one day.

"The Space Between​" (Northern Lights Piano Mix)- Demo

​"Music Sampler Cd" available at my live performances

​"Live From MainStage" - Live album

​"Arlington Row" - Demo

​"Dovedale Spires" - Demo