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"1-2-1 Landscape Workshops"

“Landscape photography 1-2-1 workshops in an East Anglian location of your choice “

I am very pleased to announce that Aron Radford Photography is now offering 1-2-1 on-location workshops for landscape photography.

After the great response to my “Lightroom For Landscapes” 1-2-1 home tutorial course I have decided to add 1-2-1 Landscape Workshops to my services. The two courses are the perfect accompaniment to each other and offer the client a complete “shoot to print” workflow.

The course is ideally aimed at people who are wishing to learn the intricacies and finer points of landscape specific photography. Suitable for people who are already familiar with their camera from a basic operational point of view.

The 6 hour 1-2-1 workshop will cover all aspects of landscape photography and is an ideal supplement to my “Lightroom For Landscapes” home tutorial course (please see “TUTORIALS” page for details). I can offer a discount if you wish to book both the on-location workshop and in-home lightroom tutorial. Please see below for prices.

Ideally meeting at a coastal location of your choice within East Anglia & Essex we will shoot through sunrise and into the golden hour and continue or workshop through the morning.

We will cover and discuss at length all aspects of landscape photography including the following topics.

Course Chapter Index;
1. Research & Planning
2. Gear Essentials
3. Camera Settings
4. Composition Advice
5. Camera Operation & Setting Up
6. Where To Focus
7. Manual Focusing With Live View
8. Using Graduated Filters & Polarizers
9. HDR, Bracketing & Exposure Blending
10. Panoramas
11. Long exposures
12. Lens Choices
13. Understanding The Histofram
14. Metering

15. Workflow


Included in the workshop will be a FREE “Landscape Photography” course book covering all the topics contained within the workshop to refer to post-workshop.

Participants will be expected to provide their own transport to and from the workshop location and supply their own DSLR, lenses, and tripod. Rainproof jackets and boots are strongly advised.

Price for one person = £120

Discounted price for booking both the 1-2-1 Workshop and Lightroom tutorial together = £192 (“Lightroom For Landscapes” tutorial normally priced at £120).

If you wish to make a booking or any general inquiry please contact me through the “CONTACTS” page.

Thank you for your interest.